Getting There

As the lofts are mainly used as residence, we only receive visitors by appointment, or you can participate in these tours.


2-2-8 Osawa Mitaka-shi Tokyo 181-0015 JAPAN


Train guide

The nearest station is;

“Musashi-Sakai” of JR Chuou line (i.e. from Shinjuku station, will take approx. 25min, and from Tokyo station, 35min.) Then take the South exit of Musashi-Sakai, and you will find public bus stations.

Please take any bus which departs at the track No.3, and get off at “Osawa” bus stop (from Musashi-Sakai st., approx. 10 min.) Buses are available about every 10-12 min.

※It will take more than 30 minutes by walking (approx. 3 kilometers), so we recommend taking public buses to our guests. Free bicycle rental is also available.


Local transportation guide
  • New Tokyo International Airport (NARITA)(Airport Limousine / 85-120min) → Kichijoji Station (JR Chuo Line / 8min) → Musashi-sakai Station
  • New Tokyo International Airport (NARITA)(NARITA EXPRESS / 1hour and 24 minutes) → Shinjuku Station (JR Chuo Line / 17min) → Musashi-sakai Station
  • Tokyo Station (JR Chuo Line / 35min) → Musashi-sakai Station

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