Architectural Tours (Private tours)

To experience the Reversible Destiny Lofts—Mitaka, we provide public/private architectural tours in Japanese and English with reservations. We have received more than 10,000 visitors in total from more than 20 countries*, and this architecture/art work has been featured in various print media and films. Our public tours are held on fixed dates* and in Japanese only, but we will be pleased to meet your request for a private tour in English.

Please contact us at least a week before your preferred date. Generally, private tours are available from 5 people minimum (up to 20, approximately), and if you have any questions about the number of people, please feel free to ask us.

A tour takes sixty minutes, and is fully guided by staff members of ARAKAWA+GINS Tokyo office. You will have the opportunity to take photos and visit two rooms and the exterior where there usually is no admittance except for residents.

We also are able to customize your own architectural tour program. We have been providing special tours for private companies, educational institutions (from kindergarten to graduate students), and tourists from overseas.

Please contact us for further information by phone (0422-26-4966) or E-mail (

* As of June, 2013 *

For Open tours, please visit (Japanese only) *



The fees & Conditions

+ The duration of a tour is one hour (60min) in general.

+ Admission is 22,000 Yen per group (up to 5 people, except interpreter or tour guide, including pamphlet) + 2,800 Yen per additional person will be charged.



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