The Short Stay program at the Reversible Destiny Lofts Mitaka allows customers to stay from 4days. You too can live in the first completed residential building by ARAKAWA+GINS !


If you…

- wish to try out living in an artwork by ARAKAWA+GINS

- can’t really do a long-term stay, but would like to stay for a brief period of time

- would like to share an interesting experience with your family

- want to hide away in a quiet place while you work on your next book or film project

- want to naturally increase your perception and motor skills by simply being

- are looking for an interesting place to stay during your next Tokyo visit.


Whatever your motives are, you will definitely spend a meaningful time at the Reversible Destiny Lofts Mitaka !

For ARAKAWA+GINS, this artwork can only be completed once people live in it.

We are looking forward to having you complete this artwork and find your own, individual use for it.


Copyright © Reversible Destiny Lofts Mitaka (In Memory of Helen Keller). All rights reserved.