Welcome to the Reversible Destiny Lofts MITAKA (In Memory of Helen Keller)


The Reversible Destiny Lofts are the one and only residence in the world conceived and designed by artists/architects Shusaku Arakawa and Madeline Gins.

About  “Reverisible Destiny Lofts Mitaka (In Memory of Helen Keller)”


Managed by the ARAKAWA+GINS Tokyo Office (Coordinologist, Inc.), the lofts are currently used as residential, educational and cultural facilities. Some of these units are available for long and short-term lease as weekly apartments.

For further information regarding leasing, please click here:

About Short Stay Program

How to apply

Kehai-Coordinating Unit Apartment No.303

Critical Resemblance Unit Apartment No.302


We also provide a variety of architectural tours. As the lofts are mainly used as residences, we only receive visitors by appointment, or you can participate in these tours. Private tours are also available.

Architectural Tours


Since Reversible Destiny Lofts Mitaka is such a photogenic architectural site, numerous magazines, daily newspapers, and TV programs and films have featured us. If you are interested in shooting, please follow the directions for use as a shooting site.

Photography and Filming


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